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Re: Snails and Biowheel

Greg Tong asked:

>How do your snails get to the biowheel axles? My biowheels are
>above water; the axles don't touch water. There's no way the snails
>can get to the wheels through the intake--they'd have to pass
>through the intake tube and then through the filter pad. And there's
>no way they can climb up a waterfall ...

I don't know what route they took to get there, but they did it.  It
seemed like it was mostly the very small snails.  This was last year,
when I had a very bad infestation.  I used to find the snails inside the
filter box, in the intake tube, on the floss... in short, everywhere.  I
eventually tore the tank down partly because of the snail problem.  I
still have some pond snails, but since I bought a clown loach the
snail population has been kept at a manageable level.

>Penguin/Marineland has a media "cage" available for its biowheel
>filters. Open the cages and stuff them with anything you want,
>including biobeads, floss, sponge, etc.

This is good news.  I was using the Penguin 110 which does not
have this versatility.


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