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Re: oxygen deficiency/co2

Daniel Hawley said, :
> I continue to have major problems with my 100 gallon Dupla set up. I have
> had to aeriate the past couple of nights to stop my fish from gasping for
> air in the morning <snip> I have several questions the first is how do I get enough oxygen in the tank to get us through the night.

I've had similar problems recently and had to resort to aeriation, too. 
The fix I used was not my first choice, but it has worked...I removed
plants.  In the 125g discus community tank, there was a large patch of
"Sunset" hygrophelia (2ft x 1ft) and about 80% of it was taken out.  The
discus are happy to have more swimming room but I miss the Amano
triangle layout.  Oh, well...at least the fish aren't gasping anymore. 
If you find out other solutions, please share them Daniel.
Rochelle Williams