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oxygen deficiency/co2

I continue to have major problems with my 100 gallon Dupla set up. I have
had to aeriate the past couple of nights to stop my fish from gasping for
air in the morning, I know this is a mistake George but I had no choice. I
have added buffers to raise my KH to 5 as suggested by George Booth but
continue to have major problems with oxygen. I have the following equipment
Eheim 217 canister filter, 2 metal halide pendants with 175w 5600k bulbs,
Dupla substrate heating system, and a Dupla co2 delta sytem using a Dupla
reactor 400 controlled by a Neptune AquaController. I am using all Dupla
supplements along with Dupla laterite.  My KH is 7, GH 3, PH 6.8-7.5, fe
0.2 mg/l and the NO2 level is 0.1 mg/l all measured using Dupla test kits.
The present fish load is 4 small Discus, 6 angels, 6 albino corydorasis, 4
SAE,s, 4 Ottos, 1 pleco and one black ghost. The tank is very heavily
planted with good plant growth, had to harvest twice in the past month. I
have several questions the first is how do I get enough oxygen in the tank
to get us through the night. I also would like to know how to determine the
co2 set point, is it the PH reading just before the lights come on? I have
been considering replacing the Eheim 217 with a Eheim wet/dry model 2229,
is this a good idea? 
I want to thank all of the contributors to this group, especially George
Booth. I have used the archives almost daily and they are better then all
the plant books combined. Thank you all from an aquarist of over 50 years
learning new tricks.