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re: Water changes and RO

> From: gomberg at wcf_com
> >The RO unit probably cannot operate quite that slowly
> Sure it can, slow flow is what it is all about.

It doesn't sound like it to me.  My 50 gpd unit will do ~2 gallons per hour
(way too much) at 60 psi and some water chemistry chosen by Kent for
comparison purposes.  The sheet that comes with it says:

"If you have less than 65 psi the membrane will produce proportionately
less water than it's rating.  If you have less than 40 psi the membrane may
act unpredictably."

I take that to mean that if I restrict the input to the RO by much then it
may stop working.  If I restrict the output, the waste water will continue
to flow, wasting a lot of water, and I am concerned that the *effective*
pressure on the membrane would be the mains pressure less the output

For these reasons, I am looking into a system that will fill a small (3 to
5 gallon) pressure tank and then shut off the RO until the pressure tank is
nearly empty again.  The pressure tank can then slowly feed the aquariums.

Thanks for your feedback, and also to Doug Valverde for his comments on
potential blockage of the drain pipes.  I will at the very least use a
larger diameter tubing than I was originally planning.

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