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	I am attempting	 to grow aquarium plants in outside ponds, I would like
some advice about supplementing with CO2.

	The pond dimensions I have after considerable experimentation settled on
is eight feet by eight feet
by twelve inches. I am using a rectangular frame made of inch and a quarter
PVC tube covered with 2 mil polythene to create a bubble trap for CO2
bubbled from an airstone.

	I would appreciate advice on the optimum dimensions for this frame bubble.
i.e.. what percentage
of the pond surface should be covered by the bubble to induce an optimum
CO2 level in the water.


	When mixing PMDD I have encountered the black gummy residue created by
mixing K2SO4 Potassium Sulphate with water. Does anyone have suggestions
about how to reduce or eliminate this messy substance or even what it is.? 

	Lights of America has received some bad publicity on the list in the last
couple of months, I have
generally been happy with them in most all respects as I currently have six
of them covering tanks in my bedroom. I suspect that the person who
complained about the noise level was just unlucky with the specific unit
that they acquired.
	I am still experimenting with different brands and types of fluorescent
tubes. It seems the ones I liked best have become illegal. i.e.. the 99
cent 40 wat shop lights have been eliminated by federal decree as wasteful
of electricity. The replacement reduced wattage tubes seem fairly useless
by comparison.


	I recently purchased a CO2 control unit from CropKing for $175.00 dollars
it includes a regulator, solenoid, timer and needle valve. It turns out
that the product is supplied by HydroFarm in California. I haven't yet
installed the unit so cannot comment yet on how well it will perform for
aquatic use. I am unsure if it might be cheaper direct.
	CROPKING has a website at www.cropking.com I don't have a net address for


	I called several suppliers of CO2 in Houston Texas, The best deal I was
able to find was for a fifty pound cylinder from AIREFORM they wanted
$150.00 deposit $5.00 a month cylinder rental $15.00 for refills and $5.00
delivery charge.

Best wishes to all and a word of thanks to all the knowledgeable
contributors that make this list so valuable.

David in hot and humid Houston Texas.