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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #814

On 07/05/97 at 03:48 p, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com (Aquatic
Plants Digest) said:

> The RO unit is then left running all the time dribbling fresh
>water into the tanks very slowly, causing a slow overflow into the

I first described this system in the late sixties.  I called it
continuous washing.  I was thinking of a rate of water change of
about 10% per day, so the water would be on the average about 10
days old.  One trick is to use a water level regulating siphon  and
a high-water-level alarm in case the siphon fails.  Both of these
are cheap.  I was going to Tyndallize the water, but RO makes that

>The RO unit probably cannot operate quite that slowly

Sure it can, slow flow is what it is all about.

>Water chemistry would have to be adjusted by weekly chemical
>additions or by a dosing pump, but overall this sounds like water
>change made hassle free for me and stress free for the fish.

Depending on your local water no adjustment may be needed.  Or only
a bit for the plants.

>Am I overlooking some potential problem that will be cause for
>regret if I proceed in this fashion?

I never did one, but it sure seemed like a good idea to me. -- 

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