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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #803

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<< Subject: Cooling fan for DIY lighting system
 I've been told that a good way to provide ventilation for a DIY lighting
 setup is with a cooling fan for a computer. I've looked at a few and they
 have power lead cables that can't just be plugged into an outlet. They all
 have two cables, one with a male end and one with a female end. The male end
 has four tube shaped prongs in a row and could be plugged into the female
 end. Does anyone else use computer fans on their lighting systems? If so,
 do you get it hooked up to the electrical outlet (or some other power
 source?) >>

Check out the "muffin fans" at Radio Shack, or look at the 5" square "axial
fans" in a W W Graingers catalog, or other general hardware catalog.  The 50
cfm model "Dayton" brand fan is relative quiet.  Avoid the 100 cfm model...it
will sound like a jet taking off in your living room.  If you buy a 110- 120
VAC model you can attach a cord set and you are ready to go...

Pete Mohan