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re: Water changes and RO


>> The idea is to drill a small hole near the top of the tanks
   and plumb this hole into a drain.  The RO unit is then left
   running all the time dribbling fresh water into the tanks
   very slowly, causing a slow overflow into the drain. <<
There is a potential catch to this.  If you use a small diameter hose for
the overflow then you run the relatively high risk of getting the tube
clogged be it from solids or from buildup of bacteria.  Even pretty good
size tubing is at risk.  For example air conditions use pretty good size
PVC lines for drains, but even those lines clog with bacteria and must be
kept cleaned out with some pretty harsh chemicals to keep them clear.  It
can be done, but I think you can picture the results of a clogged overflow
line. This could be solved by having a large hole drilled for overflow, say
1 inch, a box outside and below the overflow to collect the water and one
of the tablets used to keep AC lines clear laid in the bottom of the
overflow so the water runs over it before going out lines.

>> Water chemistry would have to be adjusted by weekly chemical additions
or by a dosing pump <<

This would be affected a lot by what water chemistry you reconstitute to,
and what total percentage of water you were changing per week.  If you are
keeping your water with a low KH and doing 25% or more a week changes then
you would I think be much better off with a dosing unit.  Besides dosing
would allow you to add nutrients at the same time on a continual basis.