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what algae is this/name this plant

Hey fellow aqua gardeners,

This algae I've noticed has began to grow on a few of my plants and
other things.  It has long wispy hairs (I'm thinking hair algae) about a
1.5 max in length.  It has no color though -- kinda grayish white.  It
appears to only grow off my driftwood and the plants attached to it. 
The leaves it grows on turn transparent.  What is it?  It's a real pain
because I tear it off one day and it has grown back the next.

I have this plant that bewilders me as to what genus it belongs to.  Its
kind of a mix between a Anubias and a Philodendron (a terrestrial
plant).  The leaves are almost perfect squares, green (slightly
variegated), and about 2.5 - 3 inches in length.  It has a creeping root
system like an Anubias nana.  When I bought it there were two parts: 1.
was a complete adult plant as far as I could tell  2. was seed with a
couple of small leaves.  IMHO, its a slow growing plant (about as fast
as an Anubias nana).  What is it?

thanks in advance,