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Re:bottle stopper

Olga wrote

>I was thinking that it might be better to invest in some good 
>quality rubber stoppers with holes in them for glass tubes (like in 
>chemistry class in high school -- gee that was a long time ago -- 
>maybe they don't use those any more?). Anyone use something like 
>this? Anyone use something that gets rid of all the messing with 
>silicon etc.? And, of course, something easy and inexpensive.

I use rubber stoppers and I think they are the best thing you can 
use.  They make a very tight system but in the unlikely event of a 
pressure build up the stoppers will pop.  A #3 or #4 stopper will fit 
the 2L bottles.  I use a copper tube through the stopper but if you 
are paranoid about using copper you could use a glass tube.  You can 
find small copper or brass tubes at a hobby shop.

Jim Spencer   Sayre, PA
jrs at cyber-quest_com