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Water changes and RO

RO units present an interesting challenge when it comes to water changes. 
A 50 gpd RO unit produces approximately two gallons of water per hour,
which is not how I would like to use it.  With a pair of 125 gallon tanks,
what I want is 25 gallons at a time for 10% water changes.

I had worked out a moderately complex solution involving a fiberglass
holding tank above my fishroom, a float valve to [prevent the tank from
overflowing, and a check valve to stop the input to the RO unit and stop
the water waste, but today somebody suggested a simpler solution.

The idea is to drill a small hole near the top of the tanks and plumb this
hole into a drain.  The RO unit is then left running all the time dribbling
fresh water into the tanks very slowly, causing a slow overflow into the

The RO unit probably cannot operate quite that slowly, but we can solve
that by inserting a small pressure tank so that the RO unit turns on and
off as required.

Water chemistry would have to be adjusted by weekly chemical additions or
by a dosing pump, but overall this sounds like water change made hassle
free for me and stress free for the fish.

Am I overlooking some potential problem that will be cause for regret if I
proceed in this fashion?

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