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Re- new light from Energy S

>Try a "Triton", which is rated at 12,500K.  Then you will really see >plants
grow because this tube doesn't lose intensity more than 10%; at >which time it
will automatically shut off.  It's effective for more than >two years at 14
hours daily.

     Several months ago I called Aquarium Products to get data on the Triton.
The data that they gave me is below (for the 40 watt bulb). This conflicts
with the 12500K temperature stated above. My eyes see a definite "pinkish"
output from this bulb which would lead me to believe that the 5700K rating is
more likely.  I get good growth using these bulbs, but considering the cost
(even with the claimed 2 year life), I think there are better choices.

  Triton T12:    Kelvin Temp: 5700   Lumens: 2000   CRI: 91

FWIW, Mark.