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Re: new light from Energy Savers

> Try a "Triton", which is rated at 12,500K.  


I measured the color temperature of various Triton bulbs using a 
Minolta Color Meter II (a professional color temperature instrument). 
New Tritons were 8100K to 8400K and older Tritons were 7350K to 7550K. 

> Then you will really see plants grow because this tube doesn't lose
> intensity more than 10%; at which time it will automatically shut off.
> It's effective for more than two years at 14 hours daily.


I measured the intensity of new Tritons at 3800 to 3900 Lux and 4800
hour old Tritons at 3300 Lux.  That about a 13% loss after only 1/2 of
their effective life and they hadn't shut off yet. 

I must have gotten a bad batch of Tritons

These claims aren't from advertisements, are they?