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Re: new light from Energy Savers

>  > Does anyone know anything or have an opinion about the new fluorescent
>  > bulb put out by Energy Savers which is 10,000K?  It is advertised as
>  > having the same spectrum as their Trichromatic bulb, which I have been
>  > using already (and is rated as 6500K).  I like the Trichromatic; it's
>  > relatively bright and has a full spectrum, and the plants like it, but
>  > this new bulb is even brighter; sounds interesting!
>  Sounds like a mixed bag of marketing hype.  10,000K is NOT the same
>  spectrum as 6500K.  10000K would be MUCH bluer than the TriChromatic. 
>  Even brighter, huh?  I would doubt it until I measured it myself.
>  Which I would never do because I won't buy one of their bulbs after
>  the last bit of hype -- the "reflectorized" bulbs.  Just my opinion,
>  of course. 

Ok, George, perhaps you can explain.  Coralife is touting their 10,000K
bulb as being daylight.  All of the comments I can find about it indicate
that it is a very bright daylight sort of bulb.  However, I have a 7100K
bulb and it is actinic.  5500K is high noon and 6700K is daylight; what

I used to be quite confident that going from a 2700K bulb to a 20000K 
bulb was going from yellow to blue.  However, all the verbage written about
10-12,000K flourescents and 10-20,000K Metal Halide has me doubting this
previous assumption of mine.

Can you detail this further relating Kelvin temp to CRI and Lux/Lumens or
give a competant, trustworthy source for the info.