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Re: Lighting in the UK.

Hello Steven,

I'm a bit behind on reading my newsgroups. Yes I have the same problem
getting tubes over here in England. Hagen seems to be the only readily
avalible brand. I have a 36x18x15 inch tank (~33 UK Gal). I'm currently using
2x25W Hagen Flora Glo tubes. This gives me medium plant growth and low algae
growth. They make the water look pinkie/yellowie but you get used to this
after a while. I have also tried using Hagen Life Glo. This is a high
intensity full spectrum tube with a built in reflector. They are expensive -
about 20 pounds mail order, 30 pounds retail. They make the plants grow
quickly but it's the same with the algae. I've also tried Power Glo. They are
also quite bright but they have alot of blue in their spectrum which
encourages algae.

As far as the interpet range goes, they have the Triton which peaks in the
blue/Ultra Voilet part of the spectrum and are mainly intended for marine
tanks. They also have the 'beauty tube' which they call the new gro lux.

I don't know where you live Steven but there is a shop in Milton Keynes that
specialises in aquatic tropical plants/growing equiptment. They sell Dennerle
Trocal Tubes. These are designed esp. for plant growth and have gaps in their
spectrum to reduce algae growth. They are basically a more expensive version
of Hagens Flora Glo.

I hope this has been some use to you! Please keep in touch, I don't know many
plant growers in the UK! I'd be interested to hear a little more about your
tank - CO2, substrate etc.


Footnote: Please send all emails to     zcapp31 at ucl_ac.uk     NOT to my AOL
address as I will be shuting that account down in a couple of days time.