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re: fans and noise


>From: aljem3 at micro_lucent.com (James E. Morehouse)
>Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 10:11:24 EDT
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>Subject: fans and noise
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
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>One issue to watch for in buying a fan for your light hood is the noise 
>rating.  I bought a 6 ft. 3 light MH fixture for my 120 gal tank and the fan 
>it came with just about drove my wife and I out of our family room (although 
>it DID cut down on the amount of TV we watched :-) ).
>I ended up buying a fan from Graingers with the lowest rating (in dB) that I 
>could find (110V AC).  I don't have the catalog now so I'm sorry I can't
>you the absolute ratings but I wouldn't buy a fan unless you can get a noise 
>rating on it.  Generally the lower noise fans also move less air but I don't 
>think this is very critical.  As I recall, the fan I bought had a CFM (cubic 
>feet per minute) rating about 2/3 of the original one and there has not
>a noticable difference in the hood temperature (3 175W MH bulbs).
>Jim Morehouse
>jmorehouse at lucent_com
>Allentown, PA

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