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Parasites, etc

Hello Aquatic Planters, 
I am new to the list and wondering if anyone here can provide me with some
information (or at least a good reference) about how to rid wild plants of
parasites. I am from Michigan and recently collected a bunch of cool
aquatic plant speciies on the west side of the state. Some of the plants
are from a stream and others are from a pond. Unfortunately I do not know
the species identity of these new plants. Currently the plants are in a
bucket (which I filled with tap water - not pond water) under a growlite
in the basement. I wish to add these plants to my newt tanks, but am a bit
concerned that they may harbor parasites or other potentially harmful
organsims that could kill my pets. I went to a local pet shop last night
and the salesperson there told me I should wash the plants in a
weakened bleach solution (though she couldn't tell me the correct
dilution). Needless to say, I didn't take her advice. I also have heard
that treatment with potassium permanganate will get rid of most problems,
but again I don't know the concentration or if this is really true. I
would *really* appreciate it if anyone with information in this regard
would share it with me! Thanks in advance! :)

			--// Aaron Liepman \\--