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Re: Tetra Web Site

Doug wrote:

>"Initially add only a few fish, this will allow the proper water >environment to
>develop-after one month, add as many fish as your dealer recommends, >always add
>Tetra AquaSafe when adding new fish.  Live plants are generally not for >the
>first time aquarium keepers.  Plantastics life-like plants are so >authentic
>you'll think they are real."

>As someone who has done whatever they can to promote the aquatic plant >section
>of the hobby I personally find the statement to be offensive and >dangerous.

Hi Doug and everybody else!

I visited the Tetra site and I agree with you in one point: I do
not think that plantastics plants could ever even get close to
what a look live plants will give an aquarium. But among all those
people buying an aquarium, I think the number of people which
are really taking care about it as much as the people in this
list here do, are rather small. I was talking to a sales person in
a local store and he told me, that out of 100 sold tanks they are
only selling one or two with more than 1 light strip and with the
plants it is the same (98% are buying plastic). So thats why I
believe that the statement "Live plants are generally not for the
first time aquarium keepers" might be true for many, many aquarists,
especially for beginners. For those not having the intensive time
or those who just don't want to spend it on taking care about plants
but who still want to have an aquarium, plastic plants are preferrable
rather than ending up with an algae disaster and giving up the hobby.
Since they are not saying anything against us plant keepers, I do not
agree with you that their statement is dangerous or offensive, it's
rather true for many beginners. And why would Tetra want to offend us
plant keepers since they are selling many, many products for us - I
have the feeling they just want to prevent beginners from making
too many mistakes which would make them lose the interest in this
great hobby. Let them start with plastic plants and if they really
like the hobby and gained some experience, it will be easy to start
keeping plants.
My final point here is that we should not think that only we are
doing it right and that we should also respect other people who have
_none_live_plant_tanks_ - they love their tanks and hobby too.

Doug, I do not want to offend you with this message in any way,
I was just trying to express my opinion. Please feel free to contact
me about this also thru my private email, if you want to do so.


Karsten Klein.

kklein at uceng_uc.edu