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Tetra Web Site

Evening all,

I'd simply like to invite you all to visit the Tetra Website, and check out
their 10 golden rules for aquariums.  http://www.tetra-fish.com/goldenrules.html

Due to its brevity I'll take the liberty of using a small amount of bandwith to
quote Rule 5:

"Initially add only a few fish, this will allow the proper water environment to
develop-after one month, add as many fish as your dealer recommends, always add
Tetra AquaSafe when adding new fish.  Live plants are generally not for the
first time aquarium keepers.  Plantastics life-like plants are so authentic
you'll think they are real."

As someone who has done whatever they can to promote the aquatic plant section
of the hobby I personally find the statement to be offensive and dangerous.

I'd like to invite all of you who feel the same to spend a moment visiting this
site and leaving whatever comments they deem appropriate.