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Cooling fan for DIY lighting system

At 15:48 -0400 6/29/97 PMullen662 at aol_com wrote:

>I've been told that a good way to provide ventilation for a DIY lighting
>setup is with a cooling fan for a computer. I've looked at a few and they all
>have power lead cables that can't just be plugged into an outlet. They all
>have two cables, one with a male end and one with a female end. The male end
>has four tube shaped prongs in a row and could be plugged into the female
>end. Does anyone else use computer fans on their lighting systems? If so, how
>do you get it hooked up to the electrical outlet (or some other power

Unless you want to go to the trouble of putting in a 12 or 5 volt power
supply for the fan, get a small fan that runs off 120 VAC. They should be
available from traditional electronic supply houses.

The connector you speak of uses four leads. Red and yellow are on the
outside and two blacks on the inside. The blacks are ground, red is +5
volts and yellow is +12 volts. Of course, there is no guarantee that these
are the colors used on your fan. You could use a little caluclator power
sypply to run the fan. Just make sure it meets the current and voltage
requirements of the fan. The calculator power supply does give you the
added safety of additional electrical isolation if you are inclined to dump
your hood in the tank.