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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #804

Re: DIY Co2 system.
I have a DIY Co2 system (yeast method) and I have the Co2 going into one of
those cheap ($ 2.49) corner filters. The filter has a layer of marbles to
prevent flotation, and a layer of filter floss to help trap the Co2. This
type filter doesn't use an airstone, and to get smaller bubbles, I siliconed
one to the larger tube where the bubbles normally come out (way too big).
Today, I broke off the airstone, just leaving the black adapter for the
tubing to connect to, and ran the Co2 in through that. Now the Co2 leaves the
filter through the smaller tube that was originally meant to connect to the
airline. This keeps my pH at about 6.8 and our water is very alkaline, and