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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #802

I planned to build a diffuser from a small gravel
> cleaner, feeding water through its top from my Fluval 403 filter return or
> a Mini-Jet 404. Through a newly drilled hole, I would feed a length of 1/8"
> rigid tubing to direct the CO2 to the bottom of the gravel cleaner.

I use the same set up with one small modification that I stumbled onto
and works well.  Stop up the open end of the gravel cleaner with filter
sponge and drill another hole in the top, insert another length of
tubing (I use 1/4) into it reaching down to the bottom for the co2
saturated water to escape.  Doing this has noticeably increased the co2
diffusion of the system.  1 bubble every 3 or 4 seconds = 20 ppm Co2 in
a well planted 55 gal tank with a trickle filter and very little surface
agitation.  (Using filter sponge material to restrict the water from
escaping out the bottom prevents any pressure build up in the
diffuser.)  The co2 is left on all the time and the pH swing is from 6.1
to 6.5 during the day. (very soft water out of the tap.)