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Re: Glass bottle bombs

Roy Parker wrote:
>>Second, stay away from glass bottles as much as possible for safety 
>>reasons.  If you do use glass, don't use a twist on cap of any kind, 
>>use a drilled rubber stopper to seal the top.  If you use a twist on 
>>cap and it plugs, the glass bottle can explode with rather 
>>disasterous results.

I did at first use a plastic bottle but my method of injecting the CO2 
into the intake of my canister filter caused the bottle to collapse in a 
most remarkable manner. Rather than alter the injection style, I switched 
to glass bottles. I'm much happier with the results. One does have a 
rubber stopper but the other has a twist on lid but it is in a cabinet 
and out of sight. I don't think there will be any problem.       Thanks 
... Lyle Babberl