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Re: Trumpet Snail & Vermiculite

Steve asked if Trumpet Snails would cause vermiculite/top soil to enter
the water column as they burrow.  The snails work very similarly to
earthworms - they move the gravel apart as they pass through, thereby
aerating the substrate.  There is very minimal overturning of the
gravel.  Because there is only a half inch of 3mm gravel you may see
some of the soil surfacing during cleaning of the tank or moving
plants.  The snails won't throw up pieces of soil mix as they move
around.  These snails are found frequently in Florida where the soil has
a lot of sand in it.  Based on my observations, the snails do not travel
extensively in the soil mix and stay mainly in the gravel part of the

<SPOILER-SPOILER-SPOILER>  Watch for an upcoming article on Malaysian
Trumpet Snails in _The_Aquatic_Gardener_.

Rochelle Williams
t_rwilli at bellsouth_net