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Lighting fixtures/iron supplement

Hail fellow plant lovers,

lighting fixtures:
I just recently set up a 25 gallon plant tank.  For the lighting I plan
to use a Triton 24", Chroma 50 or 75 (which is better? - 50 or 75), and,
if I have room, a Gro-Lux (do they make T-8 versions of the Chroma or
Gro-Lux?).  The only problem is I simply cannot find a fixture to house
these lights.  All the pet stores I go to have hoods that only hold one
tube (it gets frustrating after asking about 6 pet stores). Would a
lighting store have a fixture that would be workable for an aquarium
top?  How much would a two tube fixture cost?  Three tube?

iron supplement:
Can anyone recommend a good source of Fe?  I tried the Security Iron
plus Chelate that Jim Kelly recommended but it was a powder and clouded
the water in my 10 gallon.  I assume that the iron must be chelated?  
I saw a liquid fertilizer containing 2.5% fully chelated iron and 2.5%
chelated zinc.  There is nothing else in the solution.  Would this be
good?  How much should I use and at what time interval?

any suggestions would be most appreciated ... please e-mail your

thanks in advance,