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Re: Becoming a dealer... , HCl vs. HNO3

> Hi Bjorn (Bjoern?) and anyone else!
> I am from Germany (as you are too, I guess) studying in the U.S. and I
> have very, very different experiences about prices compared here to
> overseas. If what you say is true, this would mean everything in
> Germany would be _a_lot_ less expensive than here ($1 = 1.72DM or so).
> The same mercandise you pay $100 here for would cost you only $58 in
> Germany if your theory is right and if I did not misunderstand you.
> Oh oh, I would get a lot of stuff everytime a friend visits me.
> Now I must admit that also I haven't compared Dupla prices specifically,
> but as far as I know, I have to agree with George B. that even German
> made goods are mostly more expensive in Germany than here. (e.g.
> VW Passat for $20,000 here costs you DM 50,000 (=$ 29,000 - WOW!) with
> the same equipment in Germany)
> May be it is different for Dupla products (seems unlikely), but anyway,
> I would appreciate if you would check it when you go there and let
> me know, eventually I can get some stuff really cheap from my 
> parents?!?!?
> Regards, Karsten Klein.

Hi Karsten,
  Yes it's Bjoern (I don't like useing the "e", it's amusing enough when
people have to read it off of a list or something any way ;) ).  Sorry
to take so long to respond, I was off line for a while :( , but I'm
feeling much better now <g>.  $29,000 for a Passat, I think I'd put a
couple in my pockets and resell them here ;).  Some things are much more
expensive in Germany than here (cloths for exanple) but some things are
less (The examples I was thinking of were Marklin model train supplies
(that was many years ago when I was a kid) and last year I replaced a
"swiss army" knife.  I guess it depends on the product.  Who knows about
Dupla.  I'll check when I go and send the results.

I remeber one year when the exchange was $1-3DM, what a shoping trip!

> I am sure that HNO3 can lower the pH just as well as HCl, but if chelated
> iron in the PMDD mix is susceptible to being oxidized by the HNO3, I would
> choose to use HCl, instead.
Hi Paul,
  I have no idea how or why I sent that post twice. Sorry about that.  I
think that its time to do both (ie one with HCl and one with HNO3) and
see what happens.