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Re: Surface Films

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Michael Livingston <MikeL at NetCraft-sw_com> wrote:

>	David,
>	I too use the surface skimmer and absolutely love it.  I also
>get the bubble column you describe, usually after disturbing the
>substrate of the tank for some reason.  It dissipates fairly quickly
>though.  Could it be that you are recirculating the same film over and
>over again?  Can you "route" the water to your internal filter somehow?

My bubble column seems to hold up over long periods (days at a time apart 
from when I shut the top intake for feeding when it takes a few hours to 

My internal filter no longer holds any filter material apart from a very 
small sponge covering just the power head intake as a mechanical filter. 
I effectively run a "filterless" tank, preferring to rely on those funny 
green things this list is about (g).

Even though the bubble column is sustained over long periods, the surface 
is usually pristine with the skimmer running.