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FYI; shop lights

Several months back, I purchased a couple of 4' shop lights.  I initially
used them with F40DX bulbs.  The other day(10 days ago) I decided to try
and improve the light intensity in my 55 gal tank by covering the reflector
with chrome Monicote.  While I was at it I found some wide spectrum 40 w
fluorescent aquarium bulbs at a good price so I purchased enough for the
two shop lights.  The ballast in the shop lights lasted until today when
they both went south within 15 minutes of each other.  The change from 34 w
to 40 w bulbs was enough to drive them over the edge.  I replaced the
burned out ballast with electronic ballast and was rewarded with a
noticable increase in brightness over the non electronic ballast.  

k5vkq at ix_netcom.com