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CO2 at a minimal cost?

>I have keeping aquariums for several years, but its first now that I have
>become interested in keeping aquatic plants, so Im a beginner when it come
>to plants. Im going to start up a CO2 setup. The CO2 setups the sell in
>the store is to expensive, I think. 
>Jimmy Andersson   

I am also in the process of adding CO2 to our tanks and in lieu of
purchasing high priced unit I visited local welding shop and purchased a 5
# cannister ($55.00) and regulator ($67.00) regular retail price.  Refills
for CO2 runs $6.00.  I have everything in the "box" and am planning on
setting it up this weekend.  	

I would appreciate any input as to inherent dangers using this basic type
of setup and whatever I may do to prevent problems occurring.  I do NOT
want to lose any fish or plants due to stupid human error.  

I did not find any faqs or web sites with info on using regular welding
supply products.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated:)

Thank You,

Cathy Maynard