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Re: Dupla Prices

Karsten Klein wrote:

>Now I must admit that also I haven't compared Dupla prices
>specifically, but as far as I know, I have to agree with George B.
>that even German made goods are mostly more expensive in
>Germany than here. (e.g. VW Passat for $20,000 here costs you
>DM 50,000 (=$ 29,000 - WOW!) with the same equipment in

This is mainly due to the impossibly high value added taxes you
Europeans have to pay, and protectionist government trade policies
that limit the number of  vendors you have access to.  I spent a
number of years in France and have a great deal of respect for our
fellow aquarists who persist in the hobby in the face of such
exhorbitant prices for equipment.  I went back for a visit to Paris last
year.  In the aquarium section of a well-known department store
along the quais, a tiny Whisper air pump that would cost about $6.00
mail order in the U.S. went for 125 FF, the equivalent at the time of
about $23!  And if you ask if there is any guarantee on live
stock...ha! dream on.

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