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RE: quiet Filter / the role oxygen in a planted tank / surface films

	>Date: Wed, 25 Jun 97 05:45:51 +1000
	>From: David Aiken <d.aiken at eis_net.au>
	>Subject: quiet Filter / the role oxygen in a planted tank /
surface films

	>Second, in relation to oxygen in planted tanks and surface
	>I've been bothered by "cloudy" surface film on the water on and
off for 
	>some time and have noticed similar comments from others over
past months. 
	>I've solved it at the moment by hooking an Eheim Surface
	>Extracter which I had in the unused box from the days when I
used a 
	>cannister filter to the intake of the small Eheim 1005 power
head I use. 
	>The surface of the tank is now pristine. A side effect is that
I get a 
	>column of bubbles in the cylinder of the Extracter which I
assume will 
	>provide some "aeration". One one occasion I've some of the
bubble column 
	>actually get sucked into the power head resulting in a small
spray of 
	>bubbles from the power head for a few seconds.

	>The amount of aeration I'm getting does not appear to be
causing major 
	>CO2 loss since my Dupla colour indicator is still showing an ok
	>and pH hasn't risen excessively.
	>David Aiken

	I too use the surface skimmer and absolutely love it.  I also
get the bubble column you describe, usually after disturbing the
substrate of the tank for some reason.  It dissipates fairly quickly
though.  Could it be that you are recirculating the same film over and
over again?  Can you "route" the water to your internal filter somehow?