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Questions about Salvinia & Duckweed

I have a few questions/observations about Salvinia & duckweed that I was hoping
someone might be able to help me with.  I have some salvinia in my low-tech,
low-light, non-CO2 10 gallon tank at work, and it reproduces and does well,
I have some in my high-tech, high-light, CO2-injected 90 gallon at home and
it also does well, but when I put it in a bucket and put it outside, it turns
brown, and starts dying.  Duckweed is the same way.  I was really hoping to be
able to grow lots of duckweed/Salvinia for use in my pond (gold fish *love*
duckweed - they will clear out about 4 square feed of duckweed in a day or
two!)  Could it be that direct sunlight is too much for duckweed/salvinia?
Maybe there's not enough nutrients (although I use the water from the pond,
which should be *full* of nutrients)?  Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Thanks -

David Cooke, in Atlanta, where summere appears to be here for good!
david at joshua_medimg.emory.edu