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Re: Red Algae

I witnessed the most amazing event three days ago. Two adult SAEs
and three youngsters in the large tank were tearing, grazing, and
munching on the black brush algae that coats the anubias leaves
like a mink fur -just as you guys said they did. The fish are fat
and well fed, but had gone a day without a feeding. I have still to
see this behavior in the 30 gallon consisting only of younger SAEs.
I wonder if the palatability of red algae is something that must
be learned or discovered.

The conditions in the large tank are very favorable with a large
current, bright lighting, saturated oxygen levels, and wide open
areas to cruise. I notice that they seem to prefer brighter sur-
roundings, but far enough below the water surface. There is one
individual who works the undersides of the lily pads.

Are bright red feces a sign that the SAEs have been eating red
algae? It is something that I have noticed in these fish.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca