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test kit ranges

I am researching test kits that I will later obtain for my 'hi-tech' CO2
injected plant aquarium.  I have primarily been looking at Hach and LaMotte test

My main question concerns the appropriate ranges for these tests.  This is what
I have selected so far.  However, on the last three these I really don't have a
good grasp of 'danger' ranges and target ranges and what exactly I am testing

Test			Range		Increment 	

Iron as Fe		0-0.2		0.002
			0-1.0		0.01
Dissolved Oxygen	0.2-4.0		0.2
			1-20		1	
Carbon Dioxide		1.25-25		1.25
			2-40		2
			5-100		5
Nitrogen, Ammonia	0-3		0.1
Nitrogen, Nitrate	0-1.0		0.2

Do the kits listed above sound about right?  The ones listed below are the ones
I am more unsure about.

Ammonia, Nitrate	???		???
Phosphate		???		???
Hardness		???		???

Nitrate   - What is a good target? and what is a good range to test for?

Phosphate - What is a good target? and what do I really want to test for?
	    Hach lists Phosphonate, Orthophosphate, Orhto-/meta-phosphate,
	    and Total Phosphate.

Hardness  - There are three types of kits it seems.  Total Alkalinity,
	    Total Hardness as CaC03, and Total Hardness and Calcium as CaC03
	    (Magnesium by difference.)  I figure I need two of the three but
	    after reading Baensch, The Krib, and Dupla still am a little
	    confused.  My gut feeling is I need a Total Alkalinity Kit and a
	    Total Hardness and Calcium Kit.

Any help will be appreciated.

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