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At 03:58 AM 6/21/97 -0400, George Booth  wrote:

>I certainly hope Mr. Kolesar had his APD subscription revoked.  It's
>really a shame they stopped teaching common sense in high school. 

Now George, do you really need to ask?

It states very plainly in the "welcome" letter that sending virus warnings,
appeals for "dying <fill in the blank>" or anything of that ilk to the APD
will result in immediate removal from the list.  Let this be a reminder to
anyone who's new to the world of discussion lists:  DON'T send any sort of
forwarded information or appeal to the list; it's almost always a canard
and, as such, a complete waste of bandwidth.  And it'll get you tossed off
the list, never to return (during my reign, anyhow). 

The good news is that this list is largely immune from such nonsense.