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Dupla bubble counter, aluminum

I agree that Dupla reactors and bubble counters are expensive but very 
effective products.  However, I have three bubble counters and they all 
have leaky check valves.  I have had to add other valves in series to 
prevent leaking.

Aluminum.  Back in the late 40's they were building aquariums with 
aluminum frames.  Big advantage was they wouldn't rust.  Of course they 
wouldn't because rust is iron oxide and it is a difficult process to get 
aluminum to turn into iron.  At any rate, the aluminum doesn't "rust" but 
like iron it does oxidize.  A metallurgist could give a better answer to 
this but if I am not mistaken aluminum is rather unique in that it will 
react with either acids or bases.  In the case of aluminum aquarium 
frames the stuff effectively rotted.  Even anodized aluminum has limited 
potential around aquariums.  Bottom line - avoid aluminum where it will 
be in contact with water.

--Earle Hamilton