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RE: Basic Plant Question & Filterless tanks

Re: BPQ,

Some poster wrote that nitrates are what we limit in PMDD by adding
phosphates.  Interesting.  Actually, phosphates are what we want limiting
by making sure there is enough nitrates... so it is the reverse of the
previous post.  By supplying enough nitrates, (hopefully) all the
phosphates will be used by the plants and limit the amount of algae

Someone also wrote asking about the new PMDD recipe... Last I knew, the
recipe was the same, though with differing amounts (the proportions were
still the same).  So if you don't like to fuss around too much with this
stuff, stick to the orginal Sears & Collins paper.  Maybe you'd just like
to make a half batch.

Re: Filterless tanks

A good and workable idea.  Though as others have mentioned, a small filter
for "polishing" the water in addition to powerheads for water movement is


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