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Mycobacterium marinum...

I've "contracted" mycobacterium marinum when I was younger.  I had burnt 
 my finger and later the area became infected.  Well, silly me, I stuck 
my infected finger (which had become an open sore to drain the fluid) 
several times in an aquarium and later on the whole knuckle area grew 
several "nodules" and that wouldn't heal - we tried neosporin and a 
other ointments.  The nodules had fluid in them, but after draining 
them, they still wouldn't heal - even years later.  Later on, I ended up 
going to a doctor, had the growths surgically removed, and when the 
biopsy report came back, the surgeon told me it appeared to be a form of 
Tuberculosis.  So, now I am careful whenever I have cuts on any part of 
my hands or arms to stick the other arm into the aquarium and I am 
particularly careful about throughly washing my hands and arms after I 
stick them into the tank - I certainly don't want to go through all of 
this again!  I have the scars on my finger to remind me!

Sorry to blab on...
Walter P. Wu
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