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No Subject

As always, PLEASE don't put the word "help" in the subject of posts to the
APD; the list server interpretes this as an administrative post.  -Cynthia


>Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 19:29:13 -0400 (EDT)
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>From: Dave Kotschi <dkotschi at atl_mindspring.com>
>Subject: Help !!
>I've been sitting on the sideline reading all the posts and I've searched
>the Internet and read everything I've found and I'm now more indecisive than
>Here's the situation.  I've got a 55 gallon freshwater tank I've set up with
>live plants.  Lighting is a 40 watt Triton and some wide spectrum cheapy.
>I've also added a compact fluorescent bulb that has a definite yellow light.
>All my stem plants have thrived and are now in the process of dying.  The
>Crypts and Anubias seem to be doing well but it's become apparent the tank
>will never be lush without some changes.  I'm considering going to MH.  I
>would thing a 175 watt bulb would be just about perfect but I'm not sure how
>the tank would look with so much light coming from a point source at one end
>of the tank.  I was thinking more along the lines of two 70 watt bulbs, one
>on each end on the tank. This would balance the light but would probably be
>more expensive.  The cost wouldn't bother me so much if I could be sure this
>set up would give me the look I wanted.  Any input from my fellow readers
>would be appreciated.