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Re: KH/pH/CO2

On 19 Jun 1997, "K. A. Bryant" <smskahj at netacc_net> wrote:

>Suppose you wanted to go the other way and lower your KH.  Would it work to
>just add a certain quantity of Seachem's Acid Buffer, or is it necessary to
>mix appropriate portions of RO water with your tap water?...
>Is it really trickly to maintain a KH as low as 2 if, for instance, one
>wanted to achieve a pH of 6.6 and CO2 of 15ppm? If this _is_ difficult,
>would it be made any easier by doing 25% water changes twice a week?
>- --Keeping a very light fish load? --Some other method? 
Haven't tried acid buffer but I use R/O water made up with Kent R/O 
Right, though lately I've been experimenting with just using Duplaplant 
tablets. I add Dupla's KH/GH Generator to raise both KH and GH. My pH is 
normally around 6.6 and these days I try to keep KH around 3 but I've 
maintained it lower than that - between 1 and 2 - for long periods 
without difficulty and with stable pH using the small Dupla manual CO2 
setup. If you have a R/O unit, I'd probably look at just using something 
like R/O Right to bring your mineral and hardness levels up to the level 
you want and fiddling with the CO2 rate so that you maintain that pH.

David Aiken