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Fish Load

Karsten wrote:

then I think I must have an extreme overload in my 29 gal.
heavily planted tank with:
- - 2 Angels (medium size, still growing)
- - 2 pairs of Flag Cichlids (adults, about 2-3 in.)
- - 1 pair of Ram Cichlids (adults, about 2 in.)
- - 3 Algae Eater of some kind (about 1 in.)
- - 2 whatever Catfish (may be 1.5 in. or so)
- - 1 Suckermouth Catfish (may be 3 in.)

I hope some others will comment (I mostly concentrate on plants), but
this sounds like a lot of fish to me.  I suspect some of these fish will
keep growing (or be stunted) and you could end up with quite a mess on
your hands.  Perhaps with frequent water changes (50% twice a week?) you
could have this many fish without algae problems in a 29 gal. planted
aquarium.  How have the plants been doing so far?

Regards, Steve Dixon

p.s. In my experience adult angels are quite territorial.  Mine didn't
start fighting until they grew up and paired off.  The mated pair lay
eggs every 10 days or so and spend a lot of time trying to drive the
other fish to far parts of the Orinoco River.  I decided to let the
mated pair be the only big fish in the tank.  Still, they fuss when the
other fish come too close.