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Carbon etc. and junk

Here is a question that I am sure has been asked plenty of times.
I have a fluval 203 on a 30g planted tank. The tank has a substrace of
clay called 'Substrate Gold', with 3 inchs of gravel on top. The plants 
consist of java fern, willow moss, anubias nannas, crytpo. willisii and
walker and balansae, amazon sword, and some vallisneria sp. water
stargrass,r rotoala rotundifolia and lastly a lotus whose name eludes me
right now.The fish are 3 ottos, 2 corys, 2 flame gouramis, and a single
apisto cacatuoides with 20 or so week old fry. Ph is 6.6 - 6.8,
water is soft, and has about 100 watts of light on it. I do DIY Co2
an with the weekly water changes, I use Tetra flourish and occasionally I
will add iron tabs for the crypts and anubias nannas. My question is,
I use carbon in my filter, If I remooved it so the minerals will stay in
the longer, will my water go stinky? or what not. Will the fish suffer
more without it? If I remove the carbon, I have an empty basket. The
Fluval has the foam bads and Bio Max rings. Would I just add more bio max
rings, peat? or what?
Thanks In advance.


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