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DIY CO2, pH not dropping

Hello... I have the DIY Yeast CO2 setup in a 10g tank with a small power
filter (no airstones), and I have it bubbling through an airstone about 2
inches below the water surface into a small (4 inches in diameter) bowl.
The plants are doing much better than they ever did before I added CO2,
but I did add a vermiculite/sand substrate at the same time I started CO2.
Anyway, I checked the pH and it was 7.2.  The pH of my other tank without
CO2 injection is also 7.2.  In fact the tap water is 6.6!  What's going on
here?  I must not be dissolving enough CO2 into the water.  I have lots of
production from the bottle, and the plants look great, like I said.  I was
thinking about setting up the airstone lower in the tank, with some way to
trap it down there too.  Or possibly should I try placing the CO2 airstone
in the power filter?