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Basic Planted Tank Question

Hi All,

Could someone simply explain what Phosphate limited means in a planted tank.

I thought that the idea was to keep phosphate levels very low in planted
tanks and yet I notice several fellow members are adding Phosphate pellets ?
to their setup.

My current tank is a fully planted CO2 setup using PMDD etc. I presently
have a problem with Hair Algae on the edges of my swords & vallis. I am
desparately trying to get shut of it. Parameters are as follows:-

PH 6.8, GH 5, KH 3, NO3 <5mg/ltr, NO2 Nil, PO4 2-4ppm, Fe .1 Temp 82F

What is causing the hair/brush algae
Andy M Moore
(andy at ascot_u-net.com)

"In Blackpool - England - the penalty for bigamy is two wives (and two
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