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Re: Nutrient Deficiency?

Ross wrote, June 18:

>Some of my plants are showing signs of a nutrient deficency.  The symptoms
>are: holes in leaves, loss of leaf color and premature leaf drop off.
> Hygrophila polysperma, various Echinodorus species and Nymphaea lotus are
>the most affected plants.  The tank is a 65 gallon Dupla style setup.
> Laterite, CO2 fertilization, UGH, MH lighting and weekly water changes.  The
>water is RO water that is reconstituted with baking soda and Kent's RO Right.
> 12 ml of PMDD  is added per day (new recipie).  I suspect that the plants
>are phosphate limited.  For the last 2 weeks one super triple phosphate
>pellet (looks like a mouse dropping) has been added daily.  Algae has gone
>from non existent to minimal green spot algae on the glass and some
>brown/blue/green gunk in the over flow box and tube.  GH and KH are in the 3
>to 5 degree range, iron is .1 ppm and I ran out of the nitrate reagent
>several months ago.  I'm guessing that the nitrate level is OK. ............

It sounds like potassium deficiency to me.  Holes forming in the older
leaves are often associated with potassium deficiency.  Try about 1 cc of 1
molar KCl per gallon.  That should be enough to cause a big improvement if
the deficiency is potassium.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174, in
cool Jackson, Mississippi where we have not yet reached 90 degrees.