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Nutrient Deficiency or Excess?

Ross wrote:

> 12 ml of PMDD  is added per day (new recipie).  I suspect that the plants
> are phosphate limited.  For the last 2 weeks one super triple phosphate
> pellet (looks like a mouse dropping) has been added daily.  Algae has >
gone from non existent to minimal green spot algae on the glass and some
> brown/blue/green gunk in the over flow box and tube.  

I hate to even suggest this, but I honestly think it's a possibility--so I
will.  Perhaps you have an excess of nutrient(s) which is impairing plant
growth.  I too use H. polysperma to guage my nutrient dosing.  I have
noticed that high levels of PMDD produces some darkish algae on plant
leaves generally, and also results in holes and some fading and dropping of
leaves in H. Poly.  I had a similar experience with extremely high nitrate
levels (~130 ppm) some months ago.

For the sake of comparison, my 125 gal. heavily planted tank is in the best
condition ever (no holes or fading of H. Poly. leaves and vibrant growth
everywhere) and I'm using about 1 ml/per day of PMDD.  I use a little more
than 1 ml./per day (but not more than 2 ml/per day) when I fertilize with
Tropica MasterGrow.  I have a light to moderate fish load (2 adult angels,
6 mollies, 6 corys and a school of neons and ottos) fed moderately once a
day.  I too use RO water reconstituted with Kent RO Right.  And I never
obtain even the lowest reading for phospate (Hach PO-19 test kit).  I have
a hard time imagining that you have a nutrient deficiency given your

Good luck.  (I think we'd all be interested to hear how you resolve the
problem.)  Steve Dixon