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Re: TB

> >Since there might be a risk of transmission to humans,
> 	Well, I'm a little (okay, way ;-)) behind on the latest research,
> but last I knew, it appeared M. fortuitum wasn't transmittable from fish 
> to human...

	Not true!  I knew of at least one person who got TB from having
an open wound while sticking their hand in the aquarium.  He had these
bumps/swellings all along his arm.  Of course, it probably isn't anywhere
near as dnagerous as human TB, but it does pay to be careful when
up to your armpits in fish water!

> Subject: TB in Fish
> Dionigi wrote:
> This is scary.  How does one recognize tuberculosis in fish?

	From the few fish I've seen infected with it and from the
textbook cases, it appears as cysts or bumps (fairly large in
advanced stages) on the fishes body.  You definitely can't mistake
it for the common diseases such as ich or velvet!

	I guess the primary thing to remember is to pick out healthy,
active fish from the dealer's tanks.  TB in fish, I assume, is like
that in humans, passed on under unsanitary situations or when health
is poor.  However, as with all fish diseases, no matter how careful
we may be in selection and care of fish, there's always the chance
they may contract it anyways.

	If you notice any weird bumps, etc. forming on your fish,
isolate them immediately!  Better to lose one fish than your whole



Chris Teichreb
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

cjt at sfu_ca