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I am willing to send anyone interested in Malaysian 
Livebearing/Pinpoint Snails a bunch of them for $3.50 for 25-300 (this 
will depend on how many people want them and how many I collect, that 
last person I sent them to got about 300 I would guess) of them. 
 These snails are great in planted tanks but tend to find fish eggs 
irresistable (at least they like angel fish eggs).  The $3.50 is $3 
for USPS Priority shipping and $.50 for the bottle of water which when 
emptied will be used for shipping.  I have an over population of the 
snails and would rather ship them to list members, rather than kill 
them.  If you live in the DC area I will be happy to work out a way to 
get them to you.

Please contact me through private e-mail if you are interested.
Warwick_d at bls_gov