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It's the Simple Things

Thanks to a suggestion from Karl Schoeler and my LFS, I have a solution to
the fish and fry tumbling over the "UUUU" slots of the trickle filter
problem I posted about last week.  I took a block of Whisper prefilter foam
and cut it slightly oversized (about 5"x5"x1" in 2 pieces) to fit the
inside top of the trickle filter box.  This block sits on top of the
trickle box prefilter and wedges against both sides of the UUUU slots from
the inside of the box.  During weekly water changes, I siphon off any
debris collected at the slots first.  The foam is barely visible and is
porous enough to let the water flow through without changing the water
level in my aquarium--all-in-all a near perfect solution.  Thanks.

Steve Dixon