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Copper tubing in DIY CO2

>Do _NOT_ use copper tubing on an aquarium.  Copper is toxic to both plants
>and fish in more than minute amounts.  I suspect that with the moisture
>from a yeast reactor combined with the acidity of the CO2 in that moisture,
>you could pick up a lot of copper coming through a fairly small amount of

Can you explain more, please? I was talking about copper tubing in the
rubber stopper of a bottle containing the yeast solution. One then runs a
plastic airline from the copper tube into the tank. Of course, one can use
some other metal; plastic isn't as rigid and much harder to insert snugly
into a rubber stopper.

I can understand acidity's effect on  copper but how would the copper get
carried by CO2 gas through airline tubing into the tank?

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Often, the things that change are less interesting than those that stay
the same."--Aaron Fleisher